SOLD on commission £52,000

About this car:  This was sold on commission but the new buyer defaulted on payment. If you see this car, please inform us, as we are still the legal owner.

First shown at the General Motors Motorama in January 1953, Chevrolet’s first generation Corvette sports car, the C1 first hit the market later that year. Taking its name from the corvette warship, Chevrolet’s historic concept car was met with great reception and soon in production for the masses.

From 1956, the much-loved Chevrolet Corvette really found its footing as Chevrolet set out to ensure that it beat its rival, Ford’s two-seat Thunderbird. On the outside, the new model had: a brand new body, much improved soft top, genuine glass roll-up windows, plus optional hardtop and power assist features. On the inside, the V8 engine had 210 to 240 hp. Then there was the exclusive Delco transistorized hybrid signal-seeking car radio.

1957 saw a 4-speed manual transmission available and fuel injection an option, as well as robust brakes and suspension. With 1,040 sold under the ready-to-race order specification. In 1958, exterior upgrades to the exterior including a longer body and fashionable chrome, were coupled with 270- 290 hp engines, plus the options of twin carburettors or fuel injection.

In 1959, revisions to the Chevy Corvette’s interior included instrument graphics, a storage bin on the passenger side and a positive reverse lockout shifter with T-handle for 4-speed manual transmission.

Still seen as Chevrolet’s flagship model, the Corvette is an iconic car, renowned for its speed, performance and associations with racing.

The car:

This stunning, sought-after Chevrolet Corvette is in very good condition and excellent mechanical order. You will really enjoy both the ride and attention that you receive whilst driving this gorgeous Corvette. It is both MOT and Tax exempt.


Selected by our North American team and brought to the U.K. by ourselves, the car is currently awaiting U.K. registration and licence plates. Although it is now exempt from both MOT and road tax, the Chevy will be supplied with a U.K. MOT.

Appraisal from Jim Winter Collectable Car Appraisals

The information about the car was confirmed by an appraisal from Jim Winter Collectable Car Appraisals in December 2016. As a result, we can report that it is a 1959 Model 800 Corvette. Number 372, it was built at the St Louis, Missouri assembly plant.


The much-desired 350 cu inch V8 engine with dual exhausts ensures that this Corvette emits the unmistakable sound of a true American muscle car.

The engine, which runs really well, is a 350ci which was built at St Catherines, Ontario in September 2011. The number is K0911C8K. This is a replacement engine, fitted with an Edelbrock carb and Edelbrock aluminium intake manifold. The height is greater than the original engine and carburettor, so the car has a Thunderbolt hood scoop fitted, an uprated HEI distributor and a new alternator.

It has a 4-speed manual gearbox, which is in good condition and is a fantastic car to drive. Its performance, braking and handling is at a standard that would put many of today’s cars to shame – outstanding for a car of its era. Although heavy on parking, the steering is full of fell on the road, and draws constant admirers, as we have come to expect with any Corvette that we have owned.

The current mileage is 27,854.

Exterior: Repainted in its original red and white this is a fine-looking car in excellent condition. Its black soft-top stows neatly away behind the front seats. The body panels are fibreglass from new and the steel chassis is rust-free.

Interior: In very good condition, the grille, bumpers and chassis are all originals. The rev counter has been replaced and the speedometer – which is almost unobtainable – has been worked on by a UK specialist.



  • Condition: Used
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Recorded Mileage: 27854
  • Engine Size: 5800
  • Cylinders: V8
  • Date First Registered: 1959
  • Drive Side: LHD
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Exterior Colour: Red/White
  • Interior Colour: Black
  • Tax Exempt: Yes
  • MOT Exempt: Yes
  • Our Price: £64995
  • Our Grading: 2
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