Amazing and Eye Catching American Coupe. Price reduced!


The Dodge Phoenix is a rare car and came to us from the Detillieux Collection in Canada. It is the forerunner of the Dodge Dart, and its full title was the Dodge Phoenix Dart. In total just 1616 were made of these wonderful cars. Supplied from new with a V8 engine and push button automatic gearbox, the Dodge weighed in at just over 1.7 tons. It length was 5347 mm / 210.5 in and width was 1981 mm / 78 in, so it definitely required space, even though it is a 2-door! Incredibly the car comes with a record player, an optional extra at the time, although this is not fitted at the moment. It has been lowered at some point in its history, but still retains a magic-carpet ride quality. Other unusual features of this 1960 car is that there are no door locks and a small foot-operated parking brake on the transmission! It passed its MOT over here which is required to obtain UK registartion, and we are waiting on DVLA to issue the first British V5. It passed the test with no advisories and is now MOT exempt.


The Phoenix has a stock 318 cubic inch V8 engine developing 255 bhp mated to a Torqueflite 2-speed automatic gearbox operated by push buttons on the dash. It starts and idles smoothly and for the size of the car equips it with more than adequate performance. It has a dual pipe exhaust system giving the Dodge that unmistakable American V8 sound. Its an amazing car to cruise the roads in. We have been advised the engine has only covered 10,000 miles, and it certainly feels that way with instant throttle response. The gearbox apparently underwent a rebuild at the same time, and is faultless.


The interior seats, carpets and headlinihng are all excellent and the rear seat passengers enyoy a footrest. At some point prior to us buying it, the interior was reupholstered using NOS material. The futuristic instrument binnacle and the use of chrome in the interior dates it as a 50s-60s car and in a garish way is very attractive. The speedomter is a strip speedo type, although it is not functioning correctly – one of the only faults we can find with the car. The car has a rebuilt radio with an ARC 2500 45rpm record player. There are 2 rear speakers, a reverb unit and factory dual antennas. Interestingly the car has a square steering wheel, pre-dating the Allegro by some 13 years!


The creamy white colour, known as Satin White suits the car well and as is typical in American cars of this era, it has sculpted side detail with chrome finishers and strips. The front bumper is a work of art on its own, and at the rear the car is marked out by two large wings. Again the rear bumper is chrome and like the chromework all round the car is still in excellent condition. The car with its lowered stance looks amazing, and possibly the greatest headturner we have had pass through our hands. The windscreen is tinted and the wheels and tyres were new.


This car formed part of a collection owned by Leo Detillieux of Alberta, and we sourced it from him in 2017. He had owned the car since 1992. It only ever came out for car shows, and was lovingly maintained by Mr Detillieux. With the car is an appraisal in 2011 by Nelson Racing who commented the car was not exposed to salt, and at the time was valued at 30,000 dollars.


If you want to be noticed, then this is the car for you. Its sheer size dwarfs most cars on the road, but with its power steering it is amazingly nimble. We have driven the car a few hundred miles and can confirm that is starts, run, and drives with no issues. There are very few left globally, and we know of just one other in UK. Come and see. We think you will love it.

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  • Condition: Used
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Recorded Mileage: 47000
  • Engine Size: 318 ci
  • Cylinders: V8
  • Date First Registered: 1960
  • Drive Side: Left Hand Drive
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Exterior Colour: White
  • Interior Colour: Red
  • Tax Exempt: Yes
  • MOT Exempt: Yes
  • Our Price: £17995
  • Our Grading: 2
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