This fine motor car is the Daimler version of the famous Mark 2 Jaguar. A 1965 car, it is freshly MOTd and is offered for sale with warranty. Its is beaultiful condition for its year and is highly recommended by Roman Garages.

The Daimler V8-250 was a four-door saloon which was produced by The Daimler Company from 1962 to 1969. It was the first Daimler car to be based on a Jaguar platform, the first Daimler car with a unit body, and the last Daimler car to feature a Daimler engine after the company was bought from the Birmingham Small Arms Company by Jaguar in 1960. The engine is the hemispherical head V8 designed by Edward Turner and first used in the Daimler SP250 sports car, commonly known as the Dart, and used by the Police in the 60s. Unlike the Jaguar versions which were all 6-cylinder, the Daimler had 8 and benefited from a softer ride and more luxury.

This particular vehicle was manufactured in 1965 and was sold by A.J.Beal of Exeter in August 1965. The first owner was a Mr M Freeman Esq. During its life the car was exported to Canada and remained there some years before being fully restored and recommissioned over there. Roman Garages found the car and rescued it, bringing it back to the UK and MOTing it before transporting it to our garage on the A52, 5 miles east of Grantham.

We highly recommend you see this car. It is in excellent condition, and starts, drives, handles and stops exactly as it should. The paintwork is a metallic grey and the interior is a gorgeous red in superb condition. The walnut fascia is perfect, the trim and headlining is excellent. Underneath the car is completely solid and there is no rust anywhere on the car. You believe that you will not find another Daimler V8-250 for sale in this condition at this price anywhere.


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