The Well Loved BSA "Beezer" Bantam 175cc Motorbike.

This is a commission sale.


A global hit for decades, the BSA Bantam quickly became the motorbike of choice when it was first released in 1948. Produced by the Birmingham Small Arms Company, the Bantam was a 2-stroke unit construction motorbike, with a 3-speed gearbox.

The Bantam’s cast-iron, barrelled engine, with an alloy head, was cutting edge, pushing it straight to the top of the best lightweight motorbikes of the time – whilst turning BSA into the world’s largest motorbike manufacturer.

This iconic British motorbike was inspired by the German-designed DKW RT 125 (a design obtained as part of war reparations). By: flipping the functions over so that the gearchange and controls were on the right, converting fixtures from metric to imperial and adding British electrics, the design was brought into line with other British manufacturing. Versatile, comfortable with a great aesthetic and performance, the BSA had an instant success around the globe.

Only produced in mist green, the BSA Bantam featured telescopic forks, a rigid rear-end, direct electrics, a shovel-front mudguard and a fishtail silencer. Over time, many more models were added to the range, including the D3 Bantam bored to 148cc, the D5 bored to 172cc and the D7. The engine’s power steadily increased too. The Bantam’s gearbox was later upgraded to a 4-speed gearbox fed through a “wet” clutch. The Lucas battery coil ignition was updated to a magneto by Wipac and the Bantam’s original “fish-tail” styled exhaust later became a more conventional silencer.

Colours too, became more diverse over time, as each release saw the Bantam produced in only a few distinguishable colours including Polychromatic blue, Sports Flamboyant red and chrome, black and Bushman orange and white.

When the Birmingham Small Arms Company ground to a halt in 1971, production of the Bantam ceased too.

The car:

This original 1968 BSA Bantam is in great condition and good mechanical order. This treasured, iconic British motorbike, is road tax and MOT exempt and well worth a trip down to our showroom to see it for yourself.


Cherished by its previous owner, this is a great chance to purchase a classic piece of British motorcycle history. This sixties global design phenomenon is in good enough condition for regular use if you choose. The Beezer has been carefully looked after by the same owner, since 1992. This 1968 175cc. Bantam comes with its own vehicle history and is in great condition for its age.

This is a commission sale.


On its release, the Beezer’s 175cc. engine produced 12.5 bhp and was capable of propelling the motorbike to 65 mph. Today, the Bantam does not disappoint. In great condition, the Bantam drives and handles very well for its age.

The current recorded mileage is 18, 434.

Exterior: In good condition, the Bantam’s distinct two colour fuel tank is finished in black (above) and chrome (below).

Rowland says: “Original and unrestored, this is a great chance to own a piece of British motorcycle history. A great purchase that is well worth a look”.

Viewing is by appointment, so please call first on 0333 335 5054 to ensure availability.



  • Condition: Used
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Recorded Mileage: 18434
  • Engine Size: 175cc
  • Cylinders: Single Cylinder
  • Date First Registered: 1968
  • Drive Side: n/a
  • Fuel: 2-Stroke Petrol
  • Exterior Colour: Black
  • Interior Colour: n/a
  • Tax Exempt: Yes
  • MOT Exempt: Yes
  • Our Price: £1995
  • Our Grading: 3
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