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Ford’s best-selling fastback coupe, the Capri, was Ford’s European answer to its all-American Mustang. Produced between 1968 and 1986, the Ford Capri sold over 1.9 million units across Europe and other parts of the world. When it was unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1969, Ford’s intention was to unleash a sporty, stylish hit across Europe.

Seeking innovation, Ford utilised the skills of Philip T. Clark, who had been part of the Mustang’s design team, to create a car that combined style and accessibility. Using the Mk II Cortina’s mechanics, the Ford Capri’s engine came in a number of versions to ensure that it would appeal to a wide market. At the top of the Capri’s range of engines was the Essex and the Cologne V6.

The first British versions released in 1969, were the Ford Essex V4 engine 2.0L, the Cologne V6 2.0L and the Kent straight-four in 1.3L or 1.6L. Later in the year, the sports Essex V6, 3000 GT, was produced, with 138 hp.

During its first two years of production, the Capri sold 400,000 units. 1972 saw upgrades to the suspension and seating. In addition, there were bigger tail-lights and headlamps, plus the Kent engines were replaced with Pinto engines. 1973 heralded the Ford Capri’s highest sales, with 233,000 vehicles sold in one year.

Between 1973 and 1974, the Ford Capri entered motorsports with a ramped up RHD in the Group 2 class and the Cosworth tuned GAA engine, in the Formula 500 racing category. Mark II delivered practical improvements for everyday use in 1974, including a shorter bonnet, smaller steering wheel and Ford’s first hatchback rear doors (although the distinct, big rectangular headlights remained).

Four years later, the Mark III was released. Debuting Ford’s new memorable style, the Mark III displayed: a black Aeroflow grille, sawtooth rear lamp lenses, a rear spoiler, four headlamps and a black slatted grille. In addition, the Capri’s distinct bonnet-edge was pulled down over the headlamps. Inside, mechanics remained the same as the Mark II.

Although it was a very popular model, particularly in Britain, in the 1980s public appetite for affordable sports cars declined, as a wave of hatchbacks and sports saloons hit the market. Production ceased in 1986.


The car:

Once a regular feature on U.K roads, today the Ford Capri is a rare and thrilling sight. This version of the popular, sporty Capri, is the sought-after 3.0 Ghia version. Quick on the road, this Mark III 3.0L, Essex V6 is in great condition for its age and drives as you would expect. A rare opportunity to find a great car, that will be a joy to drive.


Recently received as a part-exchange, this desirable Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia has been recently recommisoned, after being stored away for a number of years. Parts replaced include: wheel cylinders, brake hose, brake pipes, handbrake cable, a brake caliper and wiper blades.

The Capri is in good condition with a full MOT that will not run out until September 2019.


This rare Capri Ghia 3.0L starts and runs beautifully, as you would expect from its Essex V6 engine, which provides a smooth and effortless drive. It is easy to see why the Ghia was the Capri’s luxury version, as the car blends good range of equipment with strong performance through the gears and at its top end.

Regarded as an extremely powerful car in its heyday, even now, the Ghia’s 136 bhp still feels quick. The Mark III Capri handles well and drives straight and true, whilst its overhauled brakes are highly-responsive, providing precision and power.

The current mileage is 75,000.

Exterior: Finished in white, with its original, factory black vinyl roof, this Capri is in very good condition for its age. The paintwork across the car, is in good condition, however, there is minor bubbling, which will need attention in the future.

Interior: Inside, the Ghia is in good order. The Capri’s interior is clean and tidy, whilst its original alloy wheels remain in good condition. The car also has a factory fitted sunshine roof. The underside of the Capri is in very good condition. Noticeably, the underside is not marred with black underseal, which is nice to see on a car of this age.

Rowland says:This is a great, sought-after Mark III, 3.0 Ghia, that is very rare to come across. In good condition throughout, this Capri is still a sporty ride, with very good performance. We highly recommend a visit to our showroom in Grantham to view the Capri for yourself.’

You are welcome to inspect the car when you arrive. During your visit, we will introduce you to the team that will care for you post-sale.

It is a good idea to call us before travelling, on 01476 563001, to ensure that the car is available when you arrive.

If you wish, we are always happy to put you in touch with a recommended car finance provider or to consider part-exchange.



  • Condition: Used
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Recorded Mileage: 75000
  • Engine Size: 3000
  • Cylinders: V6
  • Date First Registered: 01.12.1980
  • Drive Side: Right Hand Drive
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Exterior Colour: White
  • Interior Colour: Brown
  • Tax Exempt: No
  • MOT Exempt: No
  • Our Grading: 3
  • :
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