It’s a big question. If you have something special, should you keep it for notable occasions or enjoy it every day?

Once you finally get your classic car, it’s something you have to decide. Are you going to enjoy this stunning classic car on a daily to regular basis or will you resist the urge and keep it to yourself, pristine, polished and stuck in a garage, unless there’s a show on?

For some people its surprising to learn that driving your vintage car on a regular to daily basis is going to keep it in better condition than if it stays locked up for most of the year. Regardless of its heavenly aesthetic this is, after all a machine – one that was built for driving. Like any other mechanics if a machine remains inactive, you are going to encounter a growing number of problems.

Admittedly, there are some classic cars such as the Porsche 924 or 911, or modern classics like early Mazda MX-5, E30 BMW 3-Series or even the popular MGB that are better classics for daily driving. Something really vintage isn’t going to be as easy when it comes to the expectations of a modern drive, such as seatbelts, air con. etc.

However, what we are talking about is getting the car out regularly. Should you drive a classic car on a regular basis? Yes. It is a necessity for all cars, even if they are decades old.

Even more so, this is what you dreamed of when you first decided to purchase a vintage car. You wanted an extra-ordinary driving experience. Like anything else in the world, to miss out on something because you were too worried about what might happen, is to miss the boat.

Don’t let fear rule your decisions, so that by the time you decide to finally enjoy your car – it’s too late. It happens to so many of

What you do need to do is maintain the car – and maintenance means driving. As you drive it, you will have a better idea of the mechanical order and avoid the biggest problems that are caused by inactivity. With your car in regular use, you can maintain optimum performance for longer as you keep the mechanics properly lubricated and functioning.

Beneath the exterior of your classic is a machine, it needs to perform the function that it was built for – driving- at some points in the year at least. It doesn’t need to be far, but it does need to get out of the garage sometimes. Without that outlet, both you and your car are missing out.

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