In this post I want to focus on the 1949 Wayfarer Roadster as its rarest and in my opinion the most interesting...

However it is worth noting the following information as it is relevant to the rarity of the car we have in our showroom.

The Dodge Wayfarer was an iconic car manufactured from February 1949 until 1952. After 1953 the Wayfarer was discontinued without a replacement in the USA. The Wayfarer was the first true roadster built by either General Motors, Ford Motor Company or Chrysler Automobiles since the 1930s. The total number of wayfarers built in all body styles was 217,623.

In 1949 the following we produced…

Total Production: 63816 (this is 25% of Dodge’s total production in 1949)

  • Dodge Wayfarer Sedans: 49054
  • Dodge Wayfarer Coupes: 9342
  • Dodge Wayfarer Roadsters: 5420

As you can see the Wayfarer Roadster is by far the rarest Wayfarer ever produced. In fact the car currently in the Roman Garages Lincolnshire showroom was the very last one left in Canada discovered by our team and recently imported and registered for the UK.

The roadster had was originally supplied with removable plastic side windows instead of roll-downs. This quickly had to change (and subsequently roll-down windows were fitted in retrospect to all cars sold) after the Californian regulations on hand signalling we updated in September of that year.

So….that’s a very brief history of the Dodge Wayfarer Roadster . In short its a great collectable classic with a interesting history. There are many more ‘quirky’ facts about this car (including the fact that I’m too tall to sit in it with the roof up!) but too many to go through in this post!

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