Why ordinary classic cars get all the attention, leaving rare, exotic cars in the cold

Nostalgia, memories, dreams eventually realised, we like things that spark our memory – and that includes our classic cars. Why do the more popular classic cars always get more attention than the rare, exotic styles? Simple – we can relate to the classics better.

The top-selling classic cars are a reminder of a loved one, a treasured moment or a meaningful achievement. Our memories are attached to our feelings, so when we see something that is linked to the past, it triggers those positive feelings again. If a classic car is unusual, we have no memory attached to it, so it won’t trigger those strong emotions.

Take for example, the Aston Martin or Jaguar E-Type – best-selling classic cars that we never tire of seeing. A sought-after purchase, even though in the past, you saw thousands of them on the road. Today, because of the emotions and memories that the classic evokes – you want one – still.

Why after all these years do these classics have such a strong pull? Easy. They’re the foundation that we built or dreams on. The treasured purchase of your dad, granddad, the  neighbour across the road who inspired you to be who you are today – maybe it was even a dog-eared poster that you had on the wall – deep-set memories that mean so much.

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That is why each generation has its favourite classic cars – the ones that they admired from a distance and promised themselves that one day, they would drive one too. Take for example, two of the most popular classic cars from the seventies, the Ford Escort and the Ford Cortina – best-selling cars back then, sought-after classics now. Or for the fifties, it’s classics like the MG Magnette and the Rolls Royce Phantom. Fast-forward to the sixties and its the Mini, Austin Healey 3000 and the MG MGB.

Long-held dreams that saw, wanted, but never thought could be yours to own.

What is an exotic car?

Exotics on the other hand, are high-powered, limited-edition sports cars that are usually from other countries, such as the: Hennessey Venom GT, Zenvo ST-1 or Pagani Huayra BC.

Super-fast, rare, very expensive cars that you won’t have seen cruising down your street as a child. Unusual cars that are unlikely to display the qualities of a classic car that are familiar to you. When it comes to repairs too, exotics are going to be harder to maintain because you’ll have to find a garage that can service it. So the likelihood of seeing these is even less.

So when it comes to choosing a classic, the more usual, refined, best-selling classics are always going to be the top choice and draw the biggest crowds.

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