A true statement? We look at the way the market is changing.

With the advent of the Internet, everything changed. In every walk of life. So its not surprising that the searching of old road tests and authoritative books has become largely superceded by internet searches. customer reviews, forums, digital photography, online auctions and so on.

Walk In Showroom

We strongly believe that the continuation of walk-in showroom facilities for classic cars is coming to an end. A survey of vehicles we sold over the last three years showed that no more than three or possibly four sales, thats one per year, were as a direct result of a car being seen in our showroom. As a place to socialize and discuss old cars, yes the showroom is ideal, but the type of buyer has changed. He, or she, are much more knowledgable now about specific vehicles, have probably spent some time researching online, checking owners reviews, maybe the reputation of particular sellers and so on.

Appointment To View

The survey conclusively proved that genuinely interested prospective buyers will make an appointment to view. That means the walk-in showroom no longer is the sales tool it once was. Thats not to say that a clean, tidy welcoming showroom doesn’t inspire confidence, because it surely does, but the quality of the vehicle and the professionalism of the seller is at least as important. It enables a salesperson to be able to concentrate on their client, and give them the time they deserve. Classic car buyers often travel a long way for a viewing, have many questions, and they should be able to do so in a friendly one-to-one manner.

We may be wrong, but experience is telling us that we need to change in a changing world.

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